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Accelerating the Journey to Net Zero Through Electric Heating

With dwindling gas supplies, rising prices and the UK’s commitment to transition to net zero by 2050, a transition to electrical heating is needed. And as more and more electricity comes from clean and renewable energies, The Electric Heating Company is helping the UK electrify its heating systems as part of this move towards decarbonisation.  

Electric-powered heating systems don’t produce any wastage like gas powered heating. With gas, water is heated and pumped around the building with heat and energy lost along the way. With an electric system, 1 kilowatt of energy input is equal to 1 kilowatt of energy out, making their heaters 100% efficient.  

Safety and eco fundamentals are at the core of their products which include electric boilers, radiators, hot air systems and unvented cylinders. 

The Electric Heating Company’s customer base includes social landlords, private landlords, developers and homeowners as well as other businesses within the heating sector. They assess every customer’s requirements and provide heat loss calculations as needed.  

As well as installing electric heating and hot water systems, they educate their clients on how to use them efficiently with digitally controlled timers. This is an important service that can save their customers up to 15-20% on their electricity bills. 

The Electric Heating Company is constantly innovating to bring their customers the best, most sustainable solutions to meet their heating and hot water needs. 

About EHC

The Electric Heating Company is one of the foremost suppliers of electric heating and hot water products in the UK.  

Heating systems are one area where we can make the most significant impact on our carbon footprint.

With the UK being committed to reducing emissions to zero by 2050, and the recent government legislation to ban gas boilers in new build homes from 2025, electric heating is set to become the most attractive option when it comes to selecting a new heating system.  

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