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Helping Customers Achieve Net Zero

With rising energy costs, more businesses are looking to invest in energy efficient buildings that meet their needs. 24-7 Group knows they must not only respond to the current needs of businesses, but those in the future too.

Understanding that buildings are huge consumers of materials and energy, they put their engineers at the frontline of the battle to create a more sustainable environment. A key focus for their inhouse design team and engineers is not only providing a building that works, but one that will consume the lowest amount of energy and have minimal environmental impact.

Sustainable buildings implement innovative strategies during its construction. They address the quality of the space for its occupants, such as air cleanliness, thermal control and noise pollution, as well as reducing wastage and energy consumption. They are also designed to use renewable energies and electrical installations include monitoring equipment to help businesses continually identify opportunities for energy reductions.

Their facilities management team works in partnership with businesses, to ensure the smooth and sustainable management of their operations allowing the company to focus on what they do best.

Their clients include nearly all the major UK supermarkets, several hotels, schools, universities and leisure facilities amongst others.

24-7 Group achieve their customers’ goals thanks to their extensive industry knowledge and experience, a stringent design process but also through close collaboration and open dialogue. They emphasise the importance of their people who put passion, pride and performance into every project to achieve the best outcomes possible.

About 24/7 Group

Driven by net zero, 24-7 Group is working faster and smarter than ever; responding, identifying and rectifying to any issues quickly to ensure clients can be confident that the end result will meet their expectations.  

24-7 Group’s approach to net zero is quite simple: engage as early as possible.  An independent electrical, mechanical and facilities management company, 24-7 Group ensure that their in-house design and delivery teams engage as early as possible in the process. 

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