Skilling for the Net Zero Future

From electric vehicles and heat pumps to solar panels and wind farms, all the innovative technologies that are driving the UK towards achieving net zero rely on the electrical sector for installations and ongoing maintain. But the sector is already suffering from a skills shortage, and with growing demand for these technologies that shortfall increasing.

JTL work in partnership with the ECA who is actively involved in the development of qualifications, skills and competence across the electrical sector. If businesses and households are to transition to a clean energy future, it is vital that apprentices gain the knowledge and skills needed.

And taking on apprentices also benefits the businesses too. Apprentices are a cost-effective way to bring both new talent into the business and recognise and professionally develop existing staff members.

This next generation can be trained to follow the business’s own processes and align them with their teams, plus the apprentice benefits from learning the skills and gaining the experience they will need in the future gives them more job security in a changing energy market.

About JTL

The UK government’s target of net zero by 2050 may seem like a date in the distant future however, it is now less than three decades away.

JTL, a not-for-profit charity offering advanced apprenticeships in the building services engineering sector, is committed to tackling net zero by leading the charge in skilling the upcoming generation in low-carbon technologies.

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