Leading the Charge Cover Story on ECA Today

Leading the Charge is the feature article in the Autumn 2022 edition of ECA Today. The series is showcased over eleven pages, with a full page dedicated to each of the series’ partners.

In the issue’s From the Editor, Jane Dawson, ECA Head of Public Affairs and Public Relations, explains how Leading the Charge provides insights from industry about the skill of electrotechnical professionals, challenges faced, and the advances in technology that will enable the sector to support the UK’s move to clean electricity:

“Despite ongoing challenges, contractors are forging ahead in the expanding net zero market, as Leading the Charge shows. The energy crisis means investment in low carbon is a sure way to cut operational costs and help to future-proof businesses.”

Read ECA Today, Issue 50 to learn more about the series and meet the businesses who are helping the UK achieve net zero through innovation and collaboration with the electrotechnical sector.